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Designing Your Website
Please read this entire page CAREFULLY

First of all - remember ... the only dumb question is the one you do NOT ask ... so if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact me at dustylaneminis@att.net. Be sure to put something in the subject line - I delete all messages where the subject line is blank (safety precaution because of all the email viruses).

To put together a basic web site (a home page with just a couple of pictures so it loads fast and catches peoples' attention) and 4 or 5 other pages (stallion page, mare page, for sale page, etc.) with 4 to 6 pictures on each -- It would cost $250 to put it together, a domain name, and one year of storage. Refer to rates page for fees for storage and domain renewal.

NOTE: If you have more than 35 pictures for your website...or if you want detailed pedigrees - this is more than a "basic" site. Please contact me for rates.

Marking a horse "sold" is free (unless this involves moving them to a Sold Page, etc.). Adding links to those people you are trading links with is free. Changes, such as adding a new crop of foals or a bunch of different horses or changing the design - I charge $25 an hour. Most changes, like adding 4 horses, takes about 1 hour, but it depends on how complex your changes are.

I register your site with the major search engines so that they will "spider" it (mechanically look it over and index the information it finds). I also sign you up with the appropriate web rings, like the Miniature Horse Web Ring, or Mini Donkey ring, etc. That's part of the basic package. I also send a bunch of tips on how to increase your web "exposure."

Creating the web site through the mail is easy. You can just write up your story, dividing it into the various pages and send that to me along with your pictures. I scan the pictures and get them back to you as soon as possible. After I have put together a draft, I put it out on the internet but I don't tell anyone except you where it is so you can go out and proof it. I do not bill for my services until you are happy with the design.

Other things to think about when putting your material together:

  • Do you have a farm logo?
  • Do you have farm colors?
  • Do you have a slogan or motto?

Some things to remember when sending me material via the Post Office for your website:

  • Please DO NOT send photo copies or printed versions of pictures you have on your computer. They turn out very fuzzy and blurry when I have to re-scan them. Please either send a copy of the computer file attached to an email, or send original photos, which will be returned as soon as possible.

  • Do NOT paperclip your pictures to the sheet of paper with information about the animal. The paperclip leaves a groove in the picture, which the scanner picks up. Write the name of the animal on the back of the picture (make sure you are writing on a hard surface so no grooves go through the picture) or put the name on a Post-It note.
If you wish to send all of your material to me electronically -- you can send the pictures either on a disk or by email. But if you are sending by email - please be sure that you send the pictures for one horse per email message and put the information about that horse in the message. That way I won't get the horses mixed up. Also please make sure that your pictures are less than 200 KB is size - otherwise they will clog up my email where nothing can get through and may have to be deleted. If not sure how to size your pictures - it is best to put them on a disk and mail it. And always remember to put something in the subject line that tells me what "page" you want that horse and it's information to go on.

Also, please do not send me 8 pictures of one horse and ask ME to pick out the best picture. Yes, I do know a good horse when I see it - but these are your animals and you need to be the one to decide which pictures show your horse off to its best advantage.

It works best if you have all of your pictures and text completely finished before you send me anything. If you send it in "bits and pieces" - your later "installments" might not get done in a timely manner as any work that comes in during the interim would be worked on first. If you send it all in one mailing, I will work on it from start to finish without interruption.

Please note that I try to get new sites completed within 2 weeks (first come - first served) and changes within a week of receipt. But because I am also a Miniature Horse breeder and show my own horses, during the summer months turn-around might take slightly longer.

If you would like more information or have any other questions, please let me know. THANKS!

Thanks for considering Dusty Lane Designs!!
Jean Barnhill Rudick
1437 120th Street
Amery, Wisconsin 54001